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Farm Support

Farm Support

The Company specifically intends to bridge the wide gap that exists between the general public and the various farms in term of provision of quality humanely farm products (catfish, table eggs, chicken, turkey, local-breed goat and ram, cattle, and rabbit as well as various vegetables) which have been in short supply to the ever increasing demand from both corporate and individual consumers. We have an entire integrated system that brings together time - honored farming practices with the most modern technology and tools for management and quality control thus ensuring minimal wastage, healthier produce and environment friendly operation.

Agricultural Consultancy

We give advice, support and solutions to our clients (prospective and practising farmers, growers, food processors and the general public) to ensure their agribusiness is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Farm setup and Agric. Project Management

We provide a complete farm setup service right from designs to actuation of farm project ideas. We ensure that every aspect of product development is evaluated and actions are taken to minimize both time and cost in bringing a product to the marketplace. We provide varied project management services to our clients. Our practices are very flexible and are ready to work with the time specification of the clients while ensuring that the objectives of the project are achieved.

Veterinary Services/Pet Care

We provide quality veterinary care for pet and farm animals. You can count on us when it comes to keeping your pet healthy.

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