Poultry Farm - Project II

20,000 / Poultry Farm - Project II Unit

0 Poultry Farm - Project II Units left (Sold Out)
Contract Period : 3 Months
Expected Return : 10% per 3 Months

Profit Simulation

Initial Investment 0
Period 3 Months
Return On Investment 10%
Net Profit 0
Investment Outlay 0
Total 0


Farm Location: Kajola Village, Km8 Ota-Idiroko Expressway,       Ota - Ogun State

Chicken Type: Broiler type chicken for meat production

Investment Overview

More than ever, the demand for locally raised and processed meat poultry of the broiler breed has been on the rise. This is largely due to the increased awareness of the health implications associated with the consumption of the imported alternative. Despite this increased demand, there still exists a wide demand-supply gap which calls for a deliberate investment in the production of meat chicken (specifically in broiler farming and processing) to meet the growing demand for processed chicken which is considered healthier than other red meat alternative.

Aside from job creation and contribution to the Gross Domestic Product, investment in the production of broilers will help stem the loss of over USD40.0Trillion foreign exchange currently being used annually in the importation of processed chicken.